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About Us

Sandra & Jim

Sandra stands as the proud proprietor of Kambako Executive Lodge & Preserve. Born and raised in Spain, Sandra's journey led her to South Africa 15 years ago. In her initial years, she welcomed travelers into her own abode and employed her expertise as a Professional Hunter to guide hunts on various reserves. Following her acquisition of  the property, Sandra undertook the task of overseeing the conception of the Kambako Executive Lodge, while also introducing a diverse array of game to the reserve. 

Sandra's introduction to the hunting community occurred during her formative years. Her father's influence exposed her to hunting worldwide, instilling in her a profound understanding of the standards and experiences synonymous with top-tier hunters. With the establishment of Kambako Executive Lodge, Sandra eagerly extends the finest offerings of South Africa to all, be they travelers, hunters, or non-hunters.

Beyond her role as an avid conservationist, Sandra collaborates with many professionals to support the study of Rhinos, aiding in their protection. She ardently advocates against the scourge of illegal poaching and the illicit black market trade of Rhino horns. On the Reserve, Sandra participates in lion and lioness breeding and conservation to help ensure the majestic animals survive for the future generations. 

Jim is an avid hunter, guide, and outdoorsman with over 55 years experience and 24 years in Africa. He's been a steadfast client of Sandra's since the first year of her living in South Africa. In previous visits, he frequented alternative lodges but quickly familiarized himself with the intricate procedures of South African hunting. His experiences encompass cautionary tales about the hunting process , the caliber of taxidermy work, and the intricacies of shipping overseas. Let his past experiences help you maximize your South Africa hunting journey.  

A successful hunting experience in South Africa relies on a trustworthy lodge, knowledge, and staff. Kambako Executive Lodge fulfills all these criteria, embodying a sense of reliability that sets it apart.
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